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  1. Better Symbol overrides

    Say hello to better Symbol overrides in the latest Sketch update. We’ve redesigned the Inspector panel to group overrides by type, so it’s faster to view and change things like colors, text values, Styles and nested Symbols — as well as font properties. To make things even easier, you can now double-click to dive down into Symbol instances and select individual layers within.

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  2. Color overrides

    Ideate and test faster with color overrides. Whether it’s a fill, border, shadow, or text layer — you can override its color or Color Variable in the Inspector. Plus, you can now view all your colors in a grid or a list view, and hover over them to get handy information, like names or HEX values.

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  3. Text property overrides

    In the latest version of Sketch, we’ve improved how text layers work with overrides. Now you can override font properties like weight, color, alignment and more within Symbol instances — no need to create a new Text Style for every font variation in your project.

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  4. Easier resizing

    We always want to make the actions you carry out every day easier. So now, you can drag anywhere on the edge of an object to resize it — no need to use the resizing handles. And if you’re resizing small objects or thin lines, the selection box is now bigger, making your workflow super smooth.

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  5. Commenting in the web app

    Share ideas, discuss details and ideate together with comments in our updated Sketch web app. Now, you can pin a comment directly to a point on the Canvas and strike up a conversation, right where it matters. And once you’ve left your comments, you can add more detail as a reply and discuss with others right inside that same comment. We’ll be bringing comments support to the Mac app soon, too.

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  6. 38 smaller (but still sweet) Sketch improvements

    With all the big feature releases in recent months, it’s sometimes easy to miss some of the smaller (but still sweet) improvements we’ve made to Sketch along the way. So grab a coffee and take a seat as we run you through 38(!) of these little gems in less than four minutes.

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  7. Duplicate documents

    We’ve added a new option to duplicate a document to your drafts folder, so you can iterate on an idea without adding updates to the original file. This works for documents in Workspaces that you’re a part of, as well as documents others share via a public link.

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  8. Align layers faster

    We’re giving you even more control over how you align multiple selections of layers in the updated Sketch Mac app. Now, you can click on any layer within a multi-layer selection to make it the reference object. When you do this, all the layers within your selection will now align to that reference object when you use the alignment controls in the Inspector.

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  9. Overlays

    With Overlays in the latest version of Sketch, you can create richer and more interactive prototypes. Simply set any Artboard as an Overlay and link to it from anywhere in your prototype to get started. After that, you can make every interaction unique and realistic with a powerful set of options — from universal and one-off positioning, to background styling and interactions.

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  10. The new Sketch iPhone app

    Being able to see your designs in context is invaluable. That’s why we’ve rebuilt our iPhone app from the ground up, giving you a better viewing and mirroring experience for documents in your Workspace — wherever you are. The new Sketch iPhone app is available to download from the App Store for free right now.

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