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New in Sketch: Introducing Corners, improving segmented controls in the Inspector and more control over prefix placement when exporting

Version 83 of the Mac app is out now! With this update, we’ve introduced Corners, so you now have full control of the size and style of corners in your rectangles. It’s now faster than ever to adjust multiple corners at once — or focus on just a single corner — using on-Canvas and Inspector controls. Plus, we’ve added a bunch of new Corner Styles that will take your illustrations to the next level. You can also style corners on triangles, stars, polygons and closed paths directly from the Corners panel in the Inspector and use any Corner Style on them.

Elsewhere, we’ve given segmented controls in the Inspector a small makeover to make them less distracting so you can focus on the work on your Canvas. You now also have more control over the prefix’s placement when exporting and we’ve made it easier than ever to link to previous Artboards or to other pages when adding Links to your prototypes. As always, we’ve squashed some pesky bugs and improved performance based on your feedback. We hope you enjoy the update!

P.S. A friendly reminder to enable Two Factor Authentication (2FA) to secure your Sketch Account. It’ll only take a few minutes to add an extra layer of security!