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2.3 Creating and editing Symbols

It’s time to meet Symbols! Learn how to save and reuse common elements across your designs — and make your workflow so much more speedy.

Key learnings

  • With Symbols, you can reuse key components anywhere in your document.

  • The Symbol Source is the original element which you then replicate across your document. Any changes you make to the Symbol Source will reflect in all of its copies.

  • Symbol instances are the copies of the Symbol Source. You can edit an individual instance without affecting the rest of the copies.

  • To create a Symbol, select a group, Artboard, or a selection of layers and choose Create Symbol and press Y on your keyboard.

Lesson files

  • How do you duplicate a document?

    To duplicate a document to your Workspace, click on Three dots in the top bar and choose Duplicate to My Drafts. Have fun!


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Joseph Todaro

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Joseph brings over a decade of product, design, and education experience at companies like Sketch or InVision.

While designing in-flight entertainment software at Fuse IFX, he migrated his team to Sketch – a tool that would go on to change the way he works. Eventually, he founded as a side project to share his knowledge and passion for the tool.