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3.2 Updating Libraries

In this lesson, you’ll learn different ways to edit and share your Libraries, as well as how to keep them up to date with their latest versions.

Key learnings

  • You can use Starred versions to control when changes you make to a Library appear as an update for everyone that uses it.

  • When you star a version, anyone that has that Library synced will see a ‘Library Updates Available’ notification in the Mac app

  • When there’s an update to any of the Components in a Library you use in your document, you’ll see a ‘Library Updates Available’ notification.

  • If you don’t want a Component to update, double-click on it, and click Unlink from Library. This will turn that component into a local one.

Lesson files

  • How do you duplicate a document?

    To duplicate a document to your Workspace, click on Three dots in the top bar and choose Duplicate to My Drafts. Have fun!


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