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4.6 Previewing prototypes

Ready to see how your prototypes look? In this lesson, we’ll show you how to share your prototypes and make the most out of them — whether you’re testing them with users or presenting designs to clients.

Key learnings

  • You can share your prototypes via the Mac app, the web app or in the Sketch iPhone app — whatever works best for you.

  • To open the preview window in the Mac app, click the Preview button in the toolbar.

  • In the web app, you’ll find prototypes in the Prototypes section in the About tab. Click on a prototype’s thumbnail to open and preview it in your browser

  • You can share a link to your prototype for anyone to view in any browser.

  • To preview and share prototypes in the Sketch iPhone app, launch the app and open your document. In the Document sheet, tap on a prototype to play it.

Lesson files

  • How do you duplicate a document?

    To duplicate a document to your Workspace, click on Three dots in the top bar and choose Duplicate to My Drafts. Have fun!


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While designing in-flight entertainment software at Fuse IFX, he migrated his team to Sketch – a tool that would go on to change the way he works. Eventually, he founded as a side project to share his knowledge and passion for the tool.