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TrustLogin setup (Only Chrome)

Last updated on 26 Jan 2024
  1. Log in as an Admin in the TrustLogin Admin portal.
  2. Head to Apps on the left sidebar.
    An image showing the apps section in Trustlogin.
  3. Click on Add own SAML app in the right corner.
    An image showing what button to click to add your own SAML app.
  4. Type Sketch as the App name and upload Sketch’s logo as the app logo.
    An image showing where to type Sketch and where to upload the logo.
  5. Click on Download metadata to download the metadata.XML file — you’ll need this file when setting up SAML SSO in Sketch.
    An image showing where the download metadata link is.
  6. Use the EntityID and ACS URL values that you got when setting up SAML SSO in your Workspace. Remember these are unique to your Workspace. Complete the rest of the fields with the following information:
    An image showing the information to complete the configuration.
  7. Click Configure and add the following attributes. In the IdP’s Value column you’ll find the values for usernames in TrustLogin.
    An image showing which attributes to add.
  8. Click Register.
  9. Add users to the new app.
  10. Now head to the How to finish setting up SAML SSO in your Workspace to finish the SAML SSO process in Sketch.