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Document Libraries

Last updated on 17 Jan 2023
1 min read

With Document Libraries, you can enable a Library for a specific document rather than having it available for every document. This is helpful to keep those Components you really need at hand instead of having to go through every Component in every single Library you have installed.

How to enable your Document Libraries

In the Document Settings (,), head to the Libraries tab. There, you’ll see all available Libraries in your Workspace. Tick one or more checkboxes against any listed Libraries to automatically add them to the document you currently have open. You’ll need to manually enable Document Libraries unless you click on Edit in Library on a Symbol — in this case, we’ll automatically enable the Library containing the Symbol.

Note: We’ll automatically update Document Libraries if you have the ‘Automatic download and update Libraries’ setting enabled — otherwise, you’ll have to manually update them. You can manage these Settings in Settings > Libraries.

Working with Document Libraries

Document Libraries work just like Libraries enabled at an app level, but only for the documents they’re enabled in – you can browse and insert components as you like.

You can insert components from your Document Libraries via the Insert button in the toolbar or the Insert menu — you’ll find them in the ‘Document Libraries’ section.