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Last updated on 14 Dec 2023
1 min read
An annotated image showing the Layers tab in Settings
  1. Pixel Fitting will round layers to nearest whole pixel and makes sure they don’t sit on fractional pixels when you draw, move or resize them.
  2. Layer Distributing option lets you decide what happens when layers cannot be distributed evening using full pixels.
  3. New Groups gives you the option to select layers within any new group you create without having to hold or open the group first.
  4. Bitmap Import gives you the option to scale down images to fit inside Artboards, or have them overflow at full size.
  5. Vector Import attempts to interpret the path data inside PDF and EPS files you import and make it editable, rather than importing them as flat images.
  6. Artboard Exports gives you choose how Artboards are ordered when you export them as a PDF.
  7. Editing Shapes lets you choose whether not to close the path by clicking on the first, or last, end point when editing an open path.
  8. Offset Duplicated Layers will offset any layer duplicate by 10px from the original.
  9. Rename Duplicated Layers will add ‘copy’ to the end of a duplicate layer’s name to make sure it’s unique.
  10. Flatten Bitmaps lets you choose what resolution you would like bitmap images to be flattened to when using the Layer > Flatten Selection to Bitmap command.