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The Toolbar

Last updated on 14 Dec 2023
1 min read

The Toolbar is where you’ll find quick shortcuts to important tools and actions you’ll use a lot in the Mac app.

You can customize the toolbar with different buttons to suit your needs. Simply Control-click on it and choose Customize Toolbar… or choose View > Customize Toolbar…. Here’s a rundown of the default toolbar:

An annotated image showing the default toolbar options in the Mac app

The default toolbar options in the Mac app

  1. Canvas and Components View switch allows you to quickly switch between the Components View Components View Tab and the Canvas Canvas.
  2. Insert Insert gives you quick access to the different layers you can add to the Canvas.
  3. Create Symbol Create Symbol converts a group or layer you’ve selected into a reusable Symbol. You’ll be able to choose a name and Layout options when you create a Symbol. Find out more about Symbols.
  4. Forward Forward, Backward Backward, Group Group and Ungroup Group help you organise your layers and move them within the Layer List.
  5. Edit Edit tool and Tools Tools give you quick access to common actions for editing layers.
  6. Union boolean union, Subtract boolean substract, Intersect boolean intersect, and Difference Difference (blend mode) give you quick access to the Mac app’s four boolean operations.
  7. View changes how your designs appear on the Canvas Canvas and what you’re focused on.
  8. Preview Preview shows your design or prototype in the Preview window. Find out more about Prototyping.
  9. Collaborate Collaboration lets you upload a document to a Workspace. Find out more about real-time collaboration.
  10. Notifications Notification lets you know about new Library versions or missing elements in your document. The notification icon will disappear until you receive new notifications.

You can also toggle between hiding and showing the toolbar by pressing T or by choosing View > Show/Hide Toolbar in the menu bar.