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2.1 The Interface

Meet the Mac app interface: the toolbar, the Layer List, the Inspector and the Canvas. Once you finish this lesson, you’ll know how to move around the interface to find what you’re looking for!

Key learnings

  • The toolbar runs across the top of the screen. It’s already populated with a handy set of default tools, but you can customize it with different items to suit your needs.

  • The Layer List sits on the left-hand side of the window. At the top of the Layer List, you’ll find every Page in your document. Down below, you can see every Artboard, group and layer on the page you’ve selected.

  • The Inspector displays all the properties of a selected layer.

  • The Canvas is where all the design work happens. It’s infinite, so you’ll never run out of space!


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Joseph Todaro


Joseph brings over a decade of product, design, and education experience at companies like Sketch or InVision.

While designing in-flight entertainment software at Fuse IFX, he migrated his team to Sketch – a tool that would go on to change the way he works. Eventually, he founded as a side project to share his knowledge and passion for the tool.