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Moving layers

To move a layer, simply click and drag it. If you want to restrict movement to a particular axis, hold as you drag.

To move a layer that’s underneath another layer, make sure you’ve selected it, hold , and then click and drag anywhere on the Canvas.

Note: When moving layers without a fill, you can click anywhere within layer to select it and move it. Clicking and dragging the border may lead to resizing rather than moving.

You can move multiple layers at once by holding down and selecting the layers individually before dragging.

If you prefer, you can also group layers together in the Layer List (or pressing G) before moving them as a unit.

Tip: The Mac app automatically aligns the layer(s) you’re moving to adjacent ones. If this doesn’t happen, check that guides are enabled in View > Canvas > Show All Guides

Last updated on 25 Oct 2022

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