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Duplicating layers

Last updated on 23 Aug 2023

Duplicating layers

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To duplicate a layer on your Canvas, hold down and drag the layer. The original layer will stay in its place.

Releasing simultaneously or slightly before releasing your mouse (or trackpad) will duplicate the layers instead of moving them.

How to duplicate layers

You can also press D to duplicate a layer. Where the duplicate appears will depend on whether you have the Offset duplicated layers option enabled, which you’ll find in Sketch > Settings > Layers.

Where to find the Offset duplicated layers option

After duplicating a layer or group with the offset option enabled, you can press D to create a duplicate that’s at exactly the same offset as your first duplicate.

How to drag to duplicate layers and repeat duplications

By default, duplicates are placed above the original layer. Holding when using either D or selecting the Edit > Duplicate menu option will place the new layer below the original layer.