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The Layer List

In the Layer List, you’ll find all the Pages, Artboards and layers in your document. You can reorder and rename all of these from here.

How to hide and lock layers

To hide a layer, hover over its name in the Layer List and click the eye icon that appears. If there’s an eye icon Hide next to a layer before you hover it, the layer is already hidden. You can also use H to toggle hiding and showing layers.

To lock a layer, hold , hover over a layer and click the padlock icon Lock/Unlock rulers that appears. Click the padlock to unlock it. Or use L to toggle a layer’s lock on and off. When you lock a layer, you won’t be able to edit or move it.

How to search the Layer List

If you have a document with lots of layers, you can use the search bar Search Layer List at the top of the Layer List to find a specific layer type. You can also use the search bar to find a layer by name.

Tip: Layers with long names will be truncated in the Layer List. Hover over any truncated layer name to see it in full in a tooltip.

How to navigate the Layer List

Use the following shortcuts to navigate the Layer List:

  • : enter a group
  • Esc: exit a group
  • : select next layer or group
  • : select previous layer or group

Note: When navigating layers within a group, and will only select layers within that group.

Last updated on 05 May 2021

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