Layers in your document can be grouped so they will appear as one layer. Like regular layers, groups can be moved and resized, whilst still enabling access to content inside.

Grouping layers is a very convenient way of keeping your document organized. Layers that are meant to appear together can be grouped to allow you to do things like toggle the group visibility, or adjust properties such as opacity and blend mode. Groups can be nested, so it can contain other groups and all this will trim your Layer List, making it easier to navigate.

To create a group, select one or more layers, then click the Group icon in the toolbar and Sketch will create a new group with those items. Alternatively, you can group layers via the shortcut menu (by Control-clicking), or by pressing Command-G. You can also drag layers into, and out of groups using the Layer List.

Editing Groups

Once you have created a group, you can double-click it on the Canvas, or press the Enter key to view and edit its contents. Whenever you click on an object outside the group, Sketch will take you ‘out of’ the group so that you can select other layers in your document again.


By default a layer inside a group cannot be selected directly without first double-clicking the group. If you hold down the Command key however, Sketch will let you select any layer contained within a group.

To avoid this behavior and automatically select the contents of a group on click, you can select the “Enable click-through for new groups” checkbox, under the Layers tab in Sketch’s preferences.

If you only wanted click-through applied for certain groups in your design, select the group and in the Inspector, select the “Click-through when selecting” checkbox.

Last modified on Sep 24, 2018

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