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How do Editor seats work?

Note: The information below applies to Editor seats you purchase as part of a subscription. For information about adding or removing seats with a Mac-only license, please visit the License Admin.

Editor seats provide access to the Mac app and Workspaces. You have the option to add, remove and assign Editor seats whenever you want.

Adding Editor seats

You can add Editor seats when creating a Workspace and you can see how many Editor seats you currently have in your account’s settings. Invite members and assign them Editor access as you need, but they’ll need a valid Sketch Account.

You can purchase empty Editor seats for your Workspace. This provides the option to predict your subscription costs. If you have a fixed annual budget for design tools, buying empty seats allows you to add and remove seats throughout your billing cycle without cost fluctuation.

However, if an empty Editor seat is added outside your billing cycle, we’ll charge you pro rata until the end of that billing cycle. Your future subscription cost will then increase according to the newly added seats.

You can upgrade a member from Viewer to Editor in your account settings. If you have an empty Editor seat, previously paid for, you can use that seat for the upgrade. If you do not have an empty seat, you can add an Editor and you will be charged a pro rata fee until the end of your billing cycle.

Removing Editor seats

If you remove an Editor from your Workspace or downgrade an Editor to a Viewer role, this will free up the Editor seat. That Editor seat will remain empty and will not be removed at the end of your billing cycle. To remove an Editor seat from your Workspace, read Scheduling Editor seat change.

Scheduling Editor seat changes

You can schedule an increase or decrease in the number of Editor seats within the billing page of your account settings. Scheduled changes will happen at the beginning of the next billing cycle.

Any schedule change created will override the current number of Editor seats. For example, if you have 10 seats and add two more during your billing cycle, the total is then 12 Editor seats. However, if you then schedule a change to decrease to five seats, the change takes priority at the start of your next billing cycle, and you’ll have five seats in total.

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