Cloud Documents

With Cloud Documents, you can save and open documents from Sketch Cloud directly in the Sketch Mac app.

When you register Sketch with a new personal license or try to save a document for the first time after the Cloud Documents update, you’ll be able to choose whether to save new documents locally or on Sketch Cloud by default.

You can change this option at any time under the General tab of Sketch’s Preferences.

You can check whether a document you’re working on is saved to Sketch Cloud or not by looking for a Cloud icon next to its title at the top of the app window.

When you’re working on a Cloud Document that hasn’t been saved, the Cloud icon will be transparent.

How to Open Cloud Documents

You can find and open Sketch Cloud documents under the Cloud tab in the Welcome Window.

If you’ve chosen to save your documents to Cloud by default, you can open Cloud documents via the Welcome Window by choosing File › Open… (or press + O). If you’ve set your documents to save locally, choose File › Open Cloud Document… (or press + + O).

If you’ve chosen to save your documents to Sketch Cloud and you would like to open a local document, choose File > Open Local Document… (or press + + O).

How to Create Cloud Documents

Inside the Welcome Window, you can double-click on any document thumbnail to open it in Sketch. Or double-click on New Cloud Document to create a new one.

If you’ve chosen to save your documents to Sketch Cloud by default, choose File › New (or press + N) to create a new Sketch Cloud document. If your documents are set to save locally, choose File › New Cloud Document… (or press + + N) instead.

If you’ve chosen to save your documents to Sketch Cloud and want to create a new local document, choose File › New Local Document… (or press + + N).

How to Save Cloud Documents

If your documents are being saved to Sketch Cloud by default, choose File › Save (or press + S) to save your document to Sketch Cloud. If you’re saving a document for the first time, you can name the document in the dialog that appears.

When you upload a document to Sketch Cloud for the first time, or save one you’re working on, Sketch will upload it in the background, so it doesn’t interrupt your workflow.

Cloud Documents won’t use the macOS Auto Save feature, but will use Sketch’s own backup system to automatically and regularly save a local copy of your document. The latest version of your document will be uploaded to Sketch Cloud each time you save.

How to Upload Local Documents to Cloud

If you’ve set your documents to save locally by default, click on the Cloud button in the toolbar, select either your personal or Team Workspace (if you’re part of a Team), then choose Upload.

How to Rename Sketch Cloud Documents

To rename a Sketch Cloud document in the Mac app, choose File > Rename, enter its new name in the dialog, then choose Save.

Last modified on Aug 23, 2019

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